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This look will be up soon, this post is like a sneak peek :-)
MY WINE!! :-) A few weeks ago my dad showed up in my room and gave me this bottle of wine, and I was like: What should I do with it? And my dad said: Read what's written on it. So I read and I began to smile because my name was on it!! Ahhh! My name is so rare that I could never find it in any stores on necklaces (you know these stands at pull-in, where they sell already engraved bracelets and necklaces? I never found my name.. Sad story). And my dad told me he saw the bottle and he thought it's funny and so did I haha :-) Now I have my very OWN bottle of wine haha. Don't know when I will drink it though.. Maybe to my 18th birthday in 2 weeks? :-)

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