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Hello my loves! :-) Hope you're all fine! Today I wanted to show you how I start my HiSmile experience. As you know I got the HiSmile Whitening kit HERE to make my teeth whiter! :-) They sent me the kit for free and to try out. As usual I want to be very honest with you so I'll tell you the truth about my experience. And you can make sure that I'll always be honest with you! So I started my journey today, and it lasts 6 days, where you have to put the gel on for 10 min a day. In 6 days I'll upload my results here, so make sure to check it out :-) I wanted to repeat that the whitening gel contains no peroxides, so it won't damage your teeth, it has no sensitivity and no harmful chemicals. Hopefully my teeth will get 6 shades whiter in 6 applications. I started at a 5 and want to get to a 1-2. Looking forward to see results! :-) LOVE xx

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