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Hello beaut's! :-) I am back with a little Mac haul, because I got some new stuff and wanted to show you them. It's not that much but things I am super happy about! :-) Find all the description in the description box beneath the pictures! Love xx

All the things I got :-) 
First things first: The most incredible lip liner x2!!! So happy about that :-) Scroll down...
A pencil/lip liner sharpener bc you can't sharpen Mac lip pencils with a normal sharpener, and bc I'm building up my lip liner collection, I thought the 7€ sharpener is worth it haha :-)
Then the Mac Pro Palettes bc I want to mix my favorite eyeshadow colors in one palette. And what's better than Mac eyeshadows? :-) I got the X15 Fill-In Palette + the box to hold them in :-) You have to buy them separately, both together are for 26€! :-)
And heeere they are!! :-) The ultimate lip color: SOAR. Everyone is talking about it and I think it's the perfect color for every season. I have to get myself to put it on bc it's so perfect I don't want to ruin it haha. It's actually a funny story bc I was in Berlin, giving my best and trying so hard to find this lip pencil, in Berlin there are 5 (!) Mac stores I visited and none of them had this pencil. In the capital of Germany in 5 Mac stores?! Didn't understand that but anyways. Always sold out online, didn't get my hands on them in forever. So I told my dad, bc he was in the US some weeks ago, to just randomly ASK in one Mac counter if they had it. And what happened? Some hours later he sent me a picture of 2 (!) of them. I was so happy and couldn't believe it. Yeah, I know they're just lip pencils, but if something is rare, it's so amazing to find and have it haha :-) That was my little story... They're 16€ each.
Here you see the Fill-In palette in the storage palette. Don't have any eyeshadows yet, but soon :-) Do you have any favorite must have eyeshadow from Mac? Write me in the comment box :-)
Oh yesss, looking forward for 15 beautiful shades! :-)
And yeah, my pretty little pencil/lip liner sharpener haha :-)

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