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Hello my beauties! Today is Monday, which means lots of tiredness and dark circles under the eyes. But there's at least one thing I am happy about: I finally planned my New Year's Eve! You know that I love New Year's evening because it is such an important night, not only because you can do better than last year, but also because it means a new chapter/beginning of your life! There are so many adventures waiting for you at the beginning of the new year and please stop me if I'm wrong, but is it 2016 coming up already?! I don't get it! I remember when it was 2012 and I did a screenshot at 12:12 on the 12.12.12 haha. These years went by sooo incredibly fast! In 4 years it will be 2020?! How crazy for a 90's kid? Anyways, back to the theme! I booked my trip to VIENNA! So excited! I've never been there before and it is known as such a beautiful and cultural city and especially on colder winter days and NYE it should be very pretty. So yeah, just wanted to let you know that. Gosh, 2 years ago I was in Brugge, last year in Paris and this year Vienna. So blessed! Tell me where you are going in the comment section! :-) PS: I just noticed that it's the 2nd of November!! Today in 1 month is my 18th birthday waaaah!!! LOVE xx

Last year at 1 am on the Champs-Élysées, so pretty :-)

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