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Russian red lipstick with dark black smokey eyes :-)
This is the look I showed you with my "Fiona" wine bottle :-) Loved this look! 2 days ago I read an article in a magazine about make-up rules. And there they said you should not go for a two eye-catcher look. You should decide where your opposite should look at first. The eyes or the lips. But I think you can do both! If you want red lips - Put on a bright lipstick. If you want a dark smokey eye - go for a smokey eye. I think there are no rules you should pay attention for. You can do whatever you want :-) And so did I. I wanted a heavy look - so I created a heavy look. And I am pretty happy with the result. Love the russian red lips! I think it's the most iconic chic way for night-outs! :-) KISSES

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