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What's worse than being sick 2 weeks before your 18th birthday? So angry! On Sunday I felt a bit sick and I thought it would simply be circulatory problems again, because I'm still growing and had that a few times already. But later in the evening I got really sore throat and so much pain while swallowing and breathing. On Monday morning it was bad but not as bad as today. I woke up 10 times at night because I couldn't breathe so I took some medicine and drank a tea and then it was fine, but I stayed at home, didn't go to school, to make sure that it doesn't become worse. I used the time to do some school stuff, atm it is SO much. Maybe that's why my throat is giving up haha.. School, dancing, piano lessons and blogging are the worst combination ever! Hope it will be okay tomorrow.. Good night <3

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