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But first, let me take a selfie ;-)
Stephansdom from the inside! 
Stephansdom from the outside :-)
Beautiful Winter decoration!
The famous Sacher café! :-)
The shop of the Sacher Hotel.
What a beautiful bow!
Vienna Secession
Gorgeous building!
Neni restaurant at Naschmarkt :-) So delicious!
Some humus for the beginning :-)


Hello my loves from Vienna! We arrived this morning very early and I was so tired!! I had to wake up at 3 last night to drive to the airport. And after an hour of flying and more hours of getting to the hotel, I had to take a nap. Afterwards we went to a local café because I was starving and then we went to the city. Now I am back at the hotel, done with showering and doing my make up and waiting to go to dinner. For tomorrow we have so many plans and I can't wait!! :-) It's the last day of 2015, have fun and enjoy :-) To stay updated follow me on Instagram @fionaschubert. LOVE

Picture of my Instagram <3


And another make-up look. Hope you don't get bored by them, if so, tell me please!
Hellooo my darlings! :-) This is another make-up look I created on Sunday two weeks ago. I actually wanted a casual simple make-up look for a Sunday, but it ended up with a pretty full covered look haha - but I loved it! I used some shades I never used before, kind of out of my comfort zone. In the last couple of weeks I started to go more and more often out of my comfort zone, in fashion as well as in make-up. Sometimes you have to do that! :-) So the title "Charlotte's Locks" is a name called to a very dark orange color, such as the one I used for this look (and as you know I love the names of colors haha). Quite funny is that I almost used only 1 product for contouring, eyeshadow and lips (for the center). I love using one product for multiple areas! :-) So a very deep orange eyeshadow with a hint of red to deepen the edges of the eye and brown lips. I looove this for fall and winter. It brings a lot of life into your face :-) I don't want to tell you which products I used because you can actually use whatever you want. It just have to be orange/brown colored :-) And for the lashes and eyebrows I never use something different than in all my other make-up looks :-) I stick to my favorites! xx


Trench coat - Vila Clothing, turtle neck t-shirt - Mango, Skirt - H&M, Shoes - Humanic
Where are the glasses? That was the question my mum asked when she saw this outfit haha. She mentioned that I looked like a secretary haha. I showed you my go-to weekend outfit, school outfit and chill outfit, so here you have my working outfit. I love how it contradicts itself - high-necked t-shirt and miniskirt haha. And then this hairdo with it... Anyways, hope you like it! :-) LOVE



PRESENTS!! Today I wanted to share with you guys what I got for Christmas! I had an extra large wish this year but we are currently still searching for the perfect one! :-) But other than that I got some amazing small gifts from my family! Luckily my friends and I decided to not give something to each other because then it would take months to buy gifts! But my family and I are always making presents because it shows how much we love and know each other. And this time they knew me so well!! Description beneath the picture as always! :-) Besides all these gifts I obviously am very blessed with all the trips we can make during the year, which I don't take for granted! Another gift would be the trip to Vienna in 3 days, which I am very excited for!! :-) What did you get for Christmas this year? Tell me! LOVE

All the gifts I got! :-) I actually also got some gift cards but I thought these things are more worth to show! :-)
First I got these earrings from the BALMAINxHM collection. I ordered them by myself but my mum wanted to give them to me so I had to wait 'til now. How beautiful are they? Besides that I didn't get anything of the collection because a. I had no access 'til 1 o'clock and b. most of the stuff was too expensive.. :/ But these are more than gorgeous!! <3
Then I got these amazing eyeshadows brushes. The middle one I got from my sister and the two left and right from my brother. They still don't understand why I need that many brushed but oh, they make applying eyeshadow so easy!! <3
Brushes from Zoeva <3
From left to right: 225, 226, 227 <3
Then I got some chocolate of course! :-) But in the Rocher box was some money which was a great surprise :-) Then an amazing bottle! I love this with the silver metal, looks so fancy! :-) And from my brother a chocolate camera!! Laughed so hard when I saw this haha <3 Thanks to everyone <3


Hello my loves and happy 2nd holiday! It's Saturday, but in my head I'm totally confused about the days. First I had school 'til 1 day before Christmas, then Christmas was on Thursday and today the shops are closed. My head is going crazy atm haha! Today will be the last 'official' dinner of Christmas, so sad! It's coming so slow and it's over so fast.. But I can't wait to go on many adventures in 2016! I'm going to graduate, travel and see a lot! :-) This year will be full of new impressions and memories, I guess :-) Can't can't wait!!! <3 Tomorrow we are going to Luxembourg finally - after so many months without being there! I'm going to see my cousin and family and it will be so much fun :-) Follow me on Instagram @fionaschubert to stay updated! SO much love and kisses <3


It's over! This morning I slept 'til 12 and ate a huge breakfast. So cozy with the fam :-) It's actually quite depressing that we prepare so much for Christmas eve, wrap packages and cook dinner in a major effort. After 5 hours everything is already over :-( Anyways, it was a nice evening as always and here you have some random pictures of the evening :-)! I got really cute presents from my siblings and parents, I'm going to show them here as well! I left my phone in my room so I can really spend time with my family :-) Thankful for everything, I hope you've spent your eve also with your loved ones <3 happy 1st christmas holiday! 
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