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HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TO ME! :-) I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face. I don't know what to say. I am 18 now, an adult and responsible for my actions and choices. At this point I just wanted to say that I am satisfied with what I am and who I am. I wanted to say thank you to my parents (here as well, I already did personally, but I wanted to clarify it again), that they've brought me up so well. I would not be who I am without such a good upbringing. My parents did and do everything for me and were always there for me. They have given me such a wonderful childhood and a great education in school, and I have never lacked on something in my childhood. I am incredibly lucky, proud and happy that I grew up in such a warm and loving family. My brother and sister are also the best siblings I could have ever asked for. Without them I would probably not know what respect means and to listen to older people. As the little one I always had to give in. My sister will always treat me like her little one and like the little chick of the family :-) I am also grateful for my friends, who I mostly know and love since 2010. They would do anything for me, and I for them. They give me advice and help me in every situation. I am thankful and grateful for everything in my life, and so should you. You only have one life to take the path that will lead you to happiness and you should never let yourself down. Today I feel extra blessed and loved ♥  LOVE

Me in 1998/99, 1-2 years old :-)

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