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Hello my loves and happy 2nd holiday! It's Saturday, but in my head I'm totally confused about the days. First I had school 'til 1 day before Christmas, then Christmas was on Thursday and today the shops are closed. My head is going crazy atm haha! Today will be the last 'official' dinner of Christmas, so sad! It's coming so slow and it's over so fast.. But I can't wait to go on many adventures in 2016! I'm going to graduate, travel and see a lot! :-) This year will be full of new impressions and memories, I guess :-) Can't can't wait!!! <3 Tomorrow we are going to Luxembourg finally - after so many months without being there! I'm going to see my cousin and family and it will be so much fun :-) Follow me on Instagram @fionaschubert to stay updated! SO much love and kisses <3

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