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Coat, leggings and bag - Zara, T-Shirt - Brandy Melville, Shoes - Humanic
Hello my dearest readers, here you have a new very simple look and it is so me! Actually all black everything with a white coat (the name of the color is alabaster btw, that's where the titel is from haha). I think this is so wearable and casual and it still looks great! :-) I could have added a hint of color popping as a scarf or something, but I just wanted to show you the simple version, and there's actually enough color on the streets, the autumn leaves, you know what I mean? :-) And in case you're wondering: No my hands are not that purple in real life, it was just freezing cold outside when I took these pictures haha and I guess this was not my 'looking to the camera' kind of day.. Kisses xx

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