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Hi! In addition to my last favorites post, some of you were asking for a all around beauty favorites post. So here it is! These products are ALWAYS in my bathroom corner and I use them every single day (except for the shampoo and heat protector haha), they always come with me on vacation and I could never live without them. So here we go. Find all the description in the description box. Hope you like it, hugs!


Starting off with the hair. Important subject to many many girls out there. I use the Pantene Pro-V 2 in 1 shampoo for straight hair. I tried so so many shampoos + conditioners, but this one did its job best. It's a 2 in1, and I like it when I don't have to do a million steps before I wash it out. So this one is the fastest and the best. Then the L'Oréal Heat Protection spray, which smells amazing and makes my hair smooth and straight. Sometimes I use it as an overnight conditioner, where I just put some pumps into my hair and let it absorb into my hair. Best therapy for your hair I would say :-) Just the same overnight therapy I do with the coconut oil. Guys, seriously, I LOVE this stuff! Perfect for anything (you will see in the next pictures haha). I put it into my hair overnight and the next morning my hair is shining, glowing and feels so soft! LOVE. And the tangle teezer as an all time favorite and always keep in my handbag. 


On to the lips: These 2 (3) products are the best for my lips. I am a serious lover of lip balms, but these two are the best. The ultimate one is the EOS lip balm, I love the two scents strawberry and mint the most. If you don't have access on them (bc they're only available in the US, or Douglas I think right now in Germany?), then I recommend you to use the Bee Natural Pomegranate lip balm. It is available in every drugstore and is perfect for your lips, especially in Winter. 


BODY! One of the most important things in Winter or on colder days is to stay hydrated! A body milk I got in Madrid this April was the La Chinata Body Milk, which contains essential body oils that will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. If you can't get this one, then I tell you to use the Bebe body milk. It is for babies but you can use it as well and your skin is as soft as the skin of a baby! :-)


Nothing is more important than to wash off your face after a long day with a lot of make-up on! When I was younger I didn't care about cleansing my face but oh my, it is SO important. The day I started washing off my face every single evening, my skin got softer and better! And ever since then there was not a single day where I went sleeping with my make-up on. So here are my essentials: As mentioned in the first picture, the coconut oil is also used to wash off my face. I just take a spoon and put a little amount on my face, and as known, oil cleanse your face easily. And with the pink rubber cleanser on the top in the picture, your make-up will be off in less than a minute. If I have a pretty heavy amount of make-up on my face I like to use the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit cleanser, it smells amazing and removes make up so nicely. The Diaderma Carrot Oil is perfect for a refreshing look in the morning or as a serum in the night. Both are amazing. And the last thing I love to do is to lotion my face with the Nivea Natural Balance regenerating night cream. This stuff is the ultimate thing for soft and smooth skin, I swear. When you wake up, your skin feels so soft. And after using all these products, you're good to go in the next morning! :-)


  1. Die Eos Balls sind bei mir auch ziemlich oft in Gebrauch. Ich liebe die Form & den Duft, einfach mal etwas anderes :)

    Liebe Grüße :)

    1. Ja sie sind meine absoluten Favoriten! Ich finde dass die EOS Produkte sowieso wahnsinnig gut sind! :-) Liebe Grüße zurück!


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