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Okay guys, I have to tell you this. You might know that my best friend lives and studies in Hungary, and is only in Germany about 2 times a year. I had asked him some months ago whether he could make it to my 18th birthday, because it's important for me. Unfortunately he said no, because he still has classes in this week. So if that doesn't work, I wanted to make sure that we could facetime. 1 week ago I wrote him, if he could facetime on my birthday or not, and he said he could not. So I was really sad, but I wanted to call him anyways a day earlier or later, no matter what. We then agreed that we could facetime on Tuesday. So on tonight, I was standing in the kitchen and baking my cake, while I was waiting for the call. But he did not call at the agreed time. I've been waiting half an hour, still nothing. So I've been thinking, he would have forgotten it (if he reads this, he knows what I am talking about...). And in this moment the doorbell rang. I, of course, totally engrossed in this call, was walking towards the door, because I thought it would be a neighbor or something. I opened the door: and it was him. Just in front of me, in person. As emotional as I am, of course, I started crying immediately. He told me that my best friend and my sister already knew the whole time about it and they have never given a sign. That was honestly one of the best gifts and the biggest surprise that I ever got. I couldn't be happier at the moment. SO MUCH LOVE! <3

He hates taking pictures, but he has to because I always insist haha :-)

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