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Gifts!! :-) I love gifts, not only material gifts but also gifts of my life. A few days ago I had again some thoughts about my life as so often. I feel so thankful for being healthy and being on the world because it is not self-evident. It is a gift to have children, and my parents are proud to have 3 healthy children. I think of that as well, because sometimes you hear some news where young children die through a car accident and you have no idea how the families of the children feel. So once again I want to mention that I am thankful for everything I have in my life, especially my loving family and friends. Now onto the material gifts. I love to see how creative my family and friends are and how well they actually know me. It makes me so happy! :-) I love giving more than receiving, because I love the reaction of the person. I don't know why, but I love everything about a gift: the note, letter, meaning, packaging and content. So thank you to all my family and friends. Love you all xx <3

Everything I got :-)
This amazing Calvin Klein sweater and a Pandora charm :-)
Amazing albums from my mom and best friend! And also a frame with pictures in it, always love and appreciate that <3
#dreamteam <3
Me always with this hair style :-)
And of course CHOCOLATE!! <3
All the beauty products I got! :-) So happy!
Finally I got the Mac Velvet Teddy and a new nail polish to try out: Essie! Never tried it before and now I have it in my favorite nail color: wine red!! <3
aaaaaand my very very first Urban Decay Naked palette: Smoky! So so incredibly thankful for that <3
Last but not least: My long time wished Bob is finally MINE! :-)

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