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And another make-up look. Hope you don't get bored by them, if so, tell me please!
Hellooo my darlings! :-) This is another make-up look I created on Sunday two weeks ago. I actually wanted a casual simple make-up look for a Sunday, but it ended up with a pretty full covered look haha - but I loved it! I used some shades I never used before, kind of out of my comfort zone. In the last couple of weeks I started to go more and more often out of my comfort zone, in fashion as well as in make-up. Sometimes you have to do that! :-) So the title "Charlotte's Locks" is a name called to a very dark orange color, such as the one I used for this look (and as you know I love the names of colors haha). Quite funny is that I almost used only 1 product for contouring, eyeshadow and lips (for the center). I love using one product for multiple areas! :-) So a very deep orange eyeshadow with a hint of red to deepen the edges of the eye and brown lips. I looove this for fall and winter. It brings a lot of life into your face :-) I don't want to tell you which products I used because you can actually use whatever you want. It just have to be orange/brown colored :-) And for the lashes and eyebrows I never use something different than in all my other make-up looks :-) I stick to my favorites! xx

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