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Jacket - Similar HERE, Bag and dress - Zara, Boots - UGG Australia
 2 days 'til Christmas!!! I love winter and I love seasons! I could not live in a city where it's always summer or always winter. I think it's amazing to have different seasons in the year bc a. you can wear shorts, tops and sandals and b. you can wear jumpers, furry jackets and boots. Maybe it's because I am a winter/December child? I don't know. Yes I am also freezing my butt off in winter, but also sweating as hell in summer, so both are not the best. Fall is also an amazing season! :-) Okay, back to the outfit. As you know I am collecting fur jackets. I have no idea why, but they're keeping me warm and cozy and they look beautiful. For now I have them in black, beige, blue and brown. But I want them in dark red, green, dark blue and grey as well!! :-) And I also like combining summer with winter. Ex. this dress normally worn in summer, now combined with fur jacket, tights and boots for winter. LOVE xx

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