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MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :-) I hope you'll spend this cozy evening with your loved ones! Not only is this evening my favorite holiday of the year, but also the time I celebrate the year and of course, my family and friends! This will be one of my last Christmas eve's I spend with my whole family because it might change next year when everybody is studying and living somewhere else... Breaks my heart but that's life :-( I hope all 3 of us (my siblings and me) can make it to my parents on this evening all years anyways! When I drove this morning to the city I thought about all the people who lost somebody or have no home to stay tonight, and it brings me so much pain. I would love that everyone on this planet has a friend/family member they can stay with. There are really people outside who can't eat a delicious dinner and unwrap many presents. It's luxury to have a warm and cozy home and all of your family members with you. Appreciate and celebrate it! <3 Merry Christmas, I'm blessed! <3

Lots of presents/gifts filled with love <3 Grateful and thankful for everything! 

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  1. Nice post :)
    Maria V.


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