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PARTY! That was the first and last word I heard last night. And it was such a great night! I'm now back in my bed again, after sleeping the whole day haha. Yesterday we had dinner at a beautiful restaurant in the city and then I met some friends and we went to a club. As some of you might know I am not the 'partying every weekend' kind of person. I was never in a club in my city because a. I was not 18 and b. I like it more to have dinner at a calm restaurant or something like this. But I have to say that it was so much fun! We danced all night long until 5 in the morning and I was not sleepy at all, but when I came home I fell asleep within 5 seconds and slept 'til 1? Wow. Nothing's better than having your best friends around you! :-) I had seriously the best birthday ever and I wanted to thank everyone for making it so special. I am incredibly happy and smiling from the very bottom of my heart atm! :-) Now I have to study a bit and then I am having dinner. So hungry <3 LOVE

Best friend <3
Another good friend <3
And of course my amazing sister <3 Love you all!! 

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