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PRESENTS!! Today I wanted to share with you guys what I got for Christmas! I had an extra large wish this year but we are currently still searching for the perfect one! :-) But other than that I got some amazing small gifts from my family! Luckily my friends and I decided to not give something to each other because then it would take months to buy gifts! But my family and I are always making presents because it shows how much we love and know each other. And this time they knew me so well!! Description beneath the picture as always! :-) Besides all these gifts I obviously am very blessed with all the trips we can make during the year, which I don't take for granted! Another gift would be the trip to Vienna in 3 days, which I am very excited for!! :-) What did you get for Christmas this year? Tell me! LOVE

All the gifts I got! :-) I actually also got some gift cards but I thought these things are more worth to show! :-)
First I got these earrings from the BALMAINxHM collection. I ordered them by myself but my mum wanted to give them to me so I had to wait 'til now. How beautiful are they? Besides that I didn't get anything of the collection because a. I had no access 'til 1 o'clock and b. most of the stuff was too expensive.. :/ But these are more than gorgeous!! <3
Then I got these amazing eyeshadows brushes. The middle one I got from my sister and the two left and right from my brother. They still don't understand why I need that many brushed but oh, they make applying eyeshadow so easy!! <3
Brushes from Zoeva <3
From left to right: 225, 226, 227 <3
Then I got some chocolate of course! :-) But in the Rocher box was some money which was a great surprise :-) Then an amazing bottle! I love this with the silver metal, looks so fancy! :-) And from my brother a chocolate camera!! Laughed so hard when I saw this haha <3 Thanks to everyone <3

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