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Leather jacket, jeans and bag - Zara, T-Shirt - Calvin Klein, Shoes - Nike, Jewelry - Shashi
Ripped jeans!! I fell so in love with them when I first saw them, although I spent money on something that was not 'complete' haha. Love this look! If I don't have any idea of what I should go for, I choose this outfit. If it should be more casual and sporty I combine it with sneakers/trainers and if it should be more sexy and fancy, I wear heels! :-) Both options are possible. And btw, this is my favorite jeans ever, it fits so perfectly I could kick myself bc I bought only one of these. Hopefully Zara will bring them out again so I can buy hundreds of them haha. Hugs!!


Wait what? Did I just bought my first expensive item? 
I still can't believe I've bought my very first expensive item. And from Dior. In Vienna. It's just surreal! You might know that I love brands. I love watching their fashion shows every year and I really enjoy seeing the new cuts and ideas in their items/accessories! But I am only 18 years old and my parents always told me that I was too young to have expensive clothing/bags/jewelry. It's not the biggest investment such as a bag or something, but it made me so happy and I will always remember my lucky feelings the moment I gave the cassier my money haha. My dreams are to buy my very own Chanel, Hermès, etc. one day by my own hard worked money. I think I already wrote that in one of my posts a year ago, but I have to repeat it. For me the luxury items are like for boys their cars, watches or suits. And for woman/girls it's obviously bags and jewelry and clothes. And my very first expensive item are these sunglasses by Dior. They are called "Reflected", because they are mirrored and reflective. I know that these were an enormous hype on Instagram a few months back in Summer, but I never got my hands on them because they were always sold out or not available wherever I was. But now they are mine and my sister said that I won't wear them because they mean too much to me haha. Yes I'm absolutely going to wear these!! :-) They are also available in rosé gold and gold, I've got mine in silver because it's my favorite color for jewelry. PS: This is not the "So real" one. They look similar but they are different models. Lots of love, hugs and kisses xx



Bag and pants - Zara, Croco jacket - Nelly, T-Shirt - H&M, Shoes - Aldo, Jewelry - Shashi and Pandora
Leather leather leather, so much LOVE for this outfit :-) This was my look when I was in Luxembourg and on Saturdays when I go to the city. Of course with different t-shirts, bc you can combine it with everything. This jacket is pure perfection, the pants as well, and that I found both of them in sale makes me so happy :-) Sometimes I have so much luck! Hope you like this look, tell me what you think! Hugs xx


Eye-catcher on the eyes - oh how much I love this! I put some green-toned eye-pencil over the normal black smokey eye and that will cause that your eye stand out more. And if you are using a nude shade for your lips then your eyes will catch the most of the attention :-) I could have imagined this make-up with a black mini dress. Or a suit.. So many ideas! :-) I got a question why I put on so much make-up on weekends and I would like to answer this question now: I love having no make up on my face. It's important to feel confident in your natural way. But I love to play around with colors and techniques that make my eyes look bigger and my cheeks look higher than they actually are. The things you can do with make-up are infinite! I mean, my friends know me without make-up, I don't have to hide myself. But sometimes I hear from other people that it is too much, but why not?! If they are happy with some mascara and some lip balm, it's also okay. And if someone loves contouring and put on 10 fake eye lashes, let them do it! To each his own. Just wanted to say that. LOVE 


New stuff from Mac! Of course a visit at the Mac Cosmetics store in Vienna was not avoidable because I want to grow my collection a bit :-) This time I didn't get anything for the lips, but for the eyes! I've already bought the Refill Palette because I want to fill them with my necessary eyeshadows. Where I live they don't have the refill eyeshadows in stock, so I had to go somewhere else to get them, and this Mac store had them. But holy crap, Mac has increased their prices again?? Please Mac, you have to stop that! I already thought it was strange because the price for a refill in the US was 10$, but in Germany it's 15€ online? That's a huge difference! I payed 13€ for mine in Vienna and that's expensive for such little pans, so I only got 2. But my dad is going to the US soon, and if the price will stay like this and the Euro won't fall again, then they might be cheaper in the US :-) Back to the products, find the description beneath the pictures. LOVE

All the products I got :-)
These are the two Refillers I talked about above. 13€ each.
A dark brown color, matte finish, called HANDWRITTEN and a grey-ish, purple-ish color in Satin finish called SHALE.
Then I also got a long wanted Mineralize eyeshadow a friend recommended to me. I got it in the color "Cinderfella". Beautiful also applied wet! :-) I payed 24€.
Then the employees are always so kind to give me some of their brushes they use on clients. I love them to fix my eyebrows with hair spray or to go through my lashes to separate them. If you are asking kindly they will give them to you for free ;-)
My two first pans in the palette. Can't wait that my palette is complete! :-)


My dress is from Asos, the brand is Chi Chi London. Wore it also on New Years Eve in Paris if you are remembering
More animals! :-) We went to one of the best attraction of the city: The spanish horseriding school! It is the oldest school of the world with amazing horses and riders. They showed us some amazing things on the horse but also next to the horse (different methods). Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures during the show but believe me, it was amazing! Luckily we had the best places in the whole building and I had the best view over all the horses! :-) Another big recommendation if you are visiting Vienna :-) I also wanted to go to the Opera house, to see a Ballett concert, but all the tickets were already gone so I didn't have the chance to get my hands on them :-( But the next time hopefully! Hope that helped you for your next trip planning. Lots of love xx PS: It was so funny! The show was early in the morning but I really wanted to wear a dress. It was freezing cold, maybe -4° or so. I wore open high heels and a very short dress with only a coat on. On the streets the people were staring at me like "What the hell is wrong with her?!". So funny! But I was really happy when I could change into 3 leggings and 3 jackets xx

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