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New stuff from Mac! Of course a visit at the Mac Cosmetics store in Vienna was not avoidable because I want to grow my collection a bit :-) This time I didn't get anything for the lips, but for the eyes! I've already bought the Refill Palette because I want to fill them with my necessary eyeshadows. Where I live they don't have the refill eyeshadows in stock, so I had to go somewhere else to get them, and this Mac store had them. But holy crap, Mac has increased their prices again?? Please Mac, you have to stop that! I already thought it was strange because the price for a refill in the US was 10$, but in Germany it's 15€ online? That's a huge difference! I payed 13€ for mine in Vienna and that's expensive for such little pans, so I only got 2. But my dad is going to the US soon, and if the price will stay like this and the Euro won't fall again, then they might be cheaper in the US :-) Back to the products, find the description beneath the pictures. LOVE

All the products I got :-)
These are the two Refillers I talked about above. 13€ each.
A dark brown color, matte finish, called HANDWRITTEN and a grey-ish, purple-ish color in Satin finish called SHALE.
Then I also got a long wanted Mineralize eyeshadow a friend recommended to me. I got it in the color "Cinderfella". Beautiful also applied wet! :-) I payed 24€.
Then the employees are always so kind to give me some of their brushes they use on clients. I love them to fix my eyebrows with hair spray or to go through my lashes to separate them. If you are asking kindly they will give them to you for free ;-)
My two first pans in the palette. Can't wait that my palette is complete! :-)

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