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Coat - Vintage, T-Shirt - Calvin Klein, leather leggings - H&M, Bag - Zara, Boots - Ugg Australia 
Hello loves! Today I am back with an outfit I shot in Vienna last week. This coat was the must piece on this trip, it was freezing cold and I actually prepared 4 different outfits for 5 days, and at the end I wore this one almost everyday.. It kept me warm and cozy all day! Another favorite trip piece is this bag I got new from Zara, it was very cheap in comparison with other bags from Zara. And I guess you already noticed my love to croc objects. It look so fancy and chic! And of course I actually don't need to mention my addiction to Ugg boots. These are the worlds comfiest and best looking shoes ever and no one can ever tell me the opposite. I convinced my mum to buy herself some and now she's in love with them too! I should be an Ugg ambassador haha! Hope you like this look, tell me what you think! LOVE 

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