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Wait what? Did I just bought my first expensive item? 
I still can't believe I've bought my very first expensive item. And from Dior. In Vienna. It's just surreal! You might know that I love brands. I love watching their fashion shows every year and I really enjoy seeing the new cuts and ideas in their items/accessories! But I am only 18 years old and my parents always told me that I was too young to have expensive clothing/bags/jewelry. It's not the biggest investment such as a bag or something, but it made me so happy and I will always remember my lucky feelings the moment I gave the cassier my money haha. My dreams are to buy my very own Chanel, Hermès, etc. one day by my own hard worked money. I think I already wrote that in one of my posts a year ago, but I have to repeat it. For me the luxury items are like for boys their cars, watches or suits. And for woman/girls it's obviously bags and jewelry and clothes. And my very first expensive item are these sunglasses by Dior. They are called "Reflected", because they are mirrored and reflective. I know that these were an enormous hype on Instagram a few months back in Summer, but I never got my hands on them because they were always sold out or not available wherever I was. But now they are mine and my sister said that I won't wear them because they mean too much to me haha. Yes I'm absolutely going to wear these!! :-) They are also available in rosé gold and gold, I've got mine in silver because it's my favorite color for jewelry. PS: This is not the "So real" one. They look similar but they are different models. Lots of love, hugs and kisses xx

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