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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! :-) Hope you all had an amazing evening and spent the last hours/minutes of 2015 with your loved ones! In these pictures you can see my evening. We went to a restaurant called 'Vestibül' located next to the University of Vienna and Burgtheater. It is an amazing restaurant! The whole evening was a dream, the waiters were always looking after us and the food was incredibly delicious. A very high recommendation if you are looking for a restaurant with perfect quality for special occasions or so! <3 In the last picture you can see my outfit of the evening, which was sooo cold but it was alright for inside :-) This time we tried UBER for the very first time and it was pretty cool! It was not that expensive as I thought it would be and the driver was very kind. I only recommend it to you to check the price before ordering it because it can depend on the time and day. Two recommendations in one post, yes!! Hope you like these kind of posts! Again, happy new year and lots of love <3

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