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I have decided myself to do the recap of 2015 instead but not from my blog but from my Instagram profile, because my Instagram is more daily posted with more details of my life! :-) I haven't seen this on blogs so far so I hope you like it! Let's go! :-)

At the beginning of 2015 and the end of 2014 I spent New Year's Eve in Paris! :-)
Happiest girl in Paris at place Vendome :-)
Then I went to Luxembourg and trying the Ladurée Macarons for the very first time. Delicious!! :-)
Afterwards working with a few brands. BuddyScrub was one of them :-)
Then I finally started my driver's license!! Cannot describe how excited I'v been!
Another brand I worked with. Detox Skinny Herb Tea! :-)
Then shooting my 2015 header picture. It was a freezing cold day and I was literally frozen at this moment. Can't believe that I loved the photos afterwards haha! :-)
And then my blog turned 2!! Two year's of blogging, can't believe it will be 3 this February. Any guesses what will happen/change? <3
Then on the first vacay after Paris! Skiing, one of the best things ever <3
A few weeks later working with White Daisy Clothing :-)
Then going on the next trip: MADRID in April
So warm and sunny, I didn't wanna leave!
In Madrid buying my very very first Mac Cosmetics items ever. At this moment my addiction started..
And then the miracle happened: First time working with a luxury brand!! Was such an honor to work with them and I wore the ring and the two other bracelets almost every week since then. Absolutely in love with them and their quality. Wore it on New Year's Eve this year as well <3
Then sitting in the front row for the first time ever at Berlin Fashion Week's Esther Perbandt's new collection runway! Such an honor and pleasure :-)
All of this only because of him. He lives so far away but he's still a very good friend of mine! Love you xx (if he reads it haha)
Then being in Cologne also for the first time :-) Such a nice city and so many cool concept stores (this one here is from a blogger/store owner called BB loves)
A few weeks later it was time for a festival! Das Fest was in town and it was so cool! Except for the rainy and stormy weather this weekend, I had lots of fun! :-)
Then it was time for a long very much needed vacation with my family!! :-) This time in a new hotel which was a dream! Pure nature and relaxation! 
The hotel is called:PuraVida Resort Seno in Sarigerme, near Dalaman Airport, in Turkey, if you are wondering <3
And it was already time for new header picture!
On October 1st, I got my driver's license. What a dream to reach everything by car!!! <3
And then I turned 18 on December 2nd. An amazing day with my family and friends. Love you all xx
Driving like a boss (imagine the emoji with ray-ban's on!)
Then Christmas was around the corner! :-) Lots of love, happiness, food and PRESENTS!
And back to my hometown: Luxembourg! For 2 days with my family and beloved cousin! <3
And last but not least: The year 2015 was over and it was time for 2016! Happy New Year again guys, thank you for reading this and supporting me <3 
First picture in 2016 <3
First flight in 2016, with lots of problems and waiting, but we made it to our home and I made it into my bed! Lots of love <3

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