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Hello guys! So sorry for not posting any new year resolutions or recaps of the year but because of Vienna and my exams coming up in 2 weeks I am very stressed and busy all the time. But they are the same as last year, the resolutions ofc, not the memories :-) I also have to tell you that I am probably not going to be able to blog within the next 3 weeks, but I have already planned many posts for you, but there won't be any 'personal how I am going' texts or so. I have some outfits and make up pictures for you and also a few posts from Vienna left to show you guys! Hope that's alright for you, I really have to rock my exams to be able to get my graduation this summer. Looking forward to work really hard (imagine the emoji boxing fist!). So so much love and I hope you are patient with me <3

One of the make up looks I have prepared for you. Hope you'll like them <3 kisses!

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