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Schönbrunn! One of the main attractions of Vienna! Of course we couldn't leave Vienna without having a day at the Schönbrunn Gardens. This place is really magical. Unfortunately we didn't have amazing weather and warmth, but we enjoyed it anyways! All the plants and trees are perfectly cut and I asked myself how many gardeners they need to take care of the whole gardens. It's huge! It was freaking cold on this day, that's why I wore boots and a big coat. In one of my next posts I'll show you the pictures of Tiergarten, which is the Zoo next to the castle of Schönbrunn. Definitely worth a visit if you're going to Vienna! :-) Hope you like it as always!! PS: Find some description beneath the pictures xx

The entrance of the gardens :-) So beautiful, and the cuts of the trees! Perfection!
Avenue :-)
The castle of Schönbrunn
Ofc some tourist shots haha :-)
Neptun fountain on the opposite of the castle.
The view from the top. I sweated so much because the way up is so hard and long. I couldn't breathe haha! But the view was worth it!
On the very top with a view on the Castle. Inside you can find the café/restaurant Gloriette if you want to eat/drink something after the mini-hike! :-)

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