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Eye-catcher on the eyes - oh how much I love this! I put some green-toned eye-pencil over the normal black smokey eye and that will cause that your eye stand out more. And if you are using a nude shade for your lips then your eyes will catch the most of the attention :-) I could have imagined this make-up with a black mini dress. Or a suit.. So many ideas! :-) I got a question why I put on so much make-up on weekends and I would like to answer this question now: I love having no make up on my face. It's important to feel confident in your natural way. But I love to play around with colors and techniques that make my eyes look bigger and my cheeks look higher than they actually are. The things you can do with make-up are infinite! I mean, my friends know me without make-up, I don't have to hide myself. But sometimes I hear from other people that it is too much, but why not?! If they are happy with some mascara and some lip balm, it's also okay. And if someone loves contouring and put on 10 fake eye lashes, let them do it! To each his own. Just wanted to say that. LOVE 

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