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My dress is from Asos, the brand is Chi Chi London. Wore it also on New Years Eve in Paris if you are remembering
More animals! :-) We went to one of the best attraction of the city: The spanish horseriding school! It is the oldest school of the world with amazing horses and riders. They showed us some amazing things on the horse but also next to the horse (different methods). Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures during the show but believe me, it was amazing! Luckily we had the best places in the whole building and I had the best view over all the horses! :-) Another big recommendation if you are visiting Vienna :-) I also wanted to go to the Opera house, to see a Ballett concert, but all the tickets were already gone so I didn't have the chance to get my hands on them :-( But the next time hopefully! Hope that helped you for your next trip planning. Lots of love xx PS: It was so funny! The show was early in the morning but I really wanted to wear a dress. It was freezing cold, maybe -4° or so. I wore open high heels and a very short dress with only a coat on. On the streets the people were staring at me like "What the hell is wrong with her?!". So funny! But I was really happy when I could change into 3 leggings and 3 jackets xx

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