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ANIMALS!! <3 At Schloss Schönbrunn, we also visited Tiergarten (Zoo), which is very famous. It's one of the oldest Zoo's of the world and I saw some animals I have never seen in my life before. I really love animals, when I was younger I always enjoyed being at the Hippo area, because I thought they were so cute (which I still think now). If you are planning on visiting Schönbrunn, I really really recommend going to the Tiergarten, bc you have all the animals you want to see in one place and also because they have special animals you don't get to see in every Zoo. Kisses xx

rhinoceros :-)
They stayed like this all the time!! I don't know why they did this but it was more than cute!!! <3
And he stayed like this all the time as well. Pinguins are so cute but they have strange positions.. (please have a look how he held his feet....)
Seales!! I love them in our Zoo in the city so much so I did there as well :-)
I have never ever seen a Panda in my whole life. This was the very first time and they are so cute in real!! You just want to cuddle them all day when you see them! Cuteness overload!
And they were eating inside all the time. The one on the one side..
.. and the other on the other side! <3
And another animal I have never seen in my life. This one didn't move all the time. He just looked in the camera like a model! :-)
Cutie pies!
So elegant and fancy!
This was my highlight of the day: The Koala, which I also have never seen in my whole life was waiting in front of the door for his food. INCREDIBLE!
When he noticed some noises he turned over and went on the tree. Two seconds later he started eating his eucalyptus. 
They describe me so well: Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Repeat.

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