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A new recommendation guys! :-) On the first day in Vienna we went to a very special restaurant called 'Vier Sinne', in English 'Four Senses'. It is a dinner in the dark, yes, a dinner in a fully dark room without any light. First I was a little skeptical because you can't see anything at all during the whole evening.. You have to use 4 of your senses to eat and drink. It was a great experience but it was pretty hard, because sometimes you had to use your fingers to eat your meat or something because you couldn't use your knife or fork. This dinner is a nice present for somebody who likes to try out something completely new! I have never seen or done something like this before but as already said, it was cool to try it out! I laughed so hard because once I put the water bottle in the bucket of citrus cleansing water for your fingers. And another thing that is incredibly special and insane is that the waiters are blind! They can't see anything and they have to bring dishes to 15 different tables. It is so crazy because you talk to them in the dark without knowing how they look like or their story, it's breathtaking. You don't have a face to the voice, but afterwards you have the chance to see them in front of you. The waiters were so unbelievably kind and friendly, I can't describe it in words. Really. In this moments you realize how blessed you are with functioning eyesight. A great experience. So much love guys! <3

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