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Hi guys and happy Sunday! Sunday's are meant to be chill days after a hard Friday + Saturday! And for me this means watching series, eating unhealthy food and doing important things afterwards :-) So today I finished the series O.C. California and I have to say I loved it!! I loved it from the very beginning which is not often like that but yes, it's an amazing series. It's over 10 years old but it's still so realistic! In some parts I had to cry like a crazy emotional human but also had to laugh a lot! I watched many series over the past 2 years and still haven't finished them all yet because I'm scared of the ending but today I told myself: You have to finish it! And here I am, smiling over the end. I gotta say that the end was the best! In Prison Break for example I cried like hell at the end because I wouldn't have expected an ending like this but in O.C. I smiled :-) So I highly recommend this series to you guys! But now I really have to study and to homework! Have a lovely week tomorrow <3



Back from the USA! As you know my dad is doing to the US several times a year and this is the perfect occasion to buy some things I can't get in Germany or even Europe! :-) Despite of some very special shoes I'm going to show you in a separate post, these are the things I got! :-) I wanted a original american Nicholas Sparks novel because I think it's something different to read a book in the actual language and also to have it from the country it was written in, in my opinion! I almost read all of the Nicholas Sparks book because they are simply the best. I tried some other authors but if you know a great author you will stick to this one no matter what haha! :-) Every time I read a new book from another author I compared it with the ones from NS and always felt like there was something missing. Sometimes I can identify with the books from NS and I love love love his style of writing. The style captivates you and you don't want to stop reading. In some parts it is so exciting that you want to stop reading because you don't wanna know what happens next. I really recommend his books to you, for real!! And no book session is complete without a great bar of chocolate. I really wanted to try this Hershey's chocolate because so many people were talking about it. I know it's not necessarily the best because I also know swiss chocolate but I just wanted to try and compare :-) Now I am going to read and eat chocolate. Have a lovely evening guys xx



Okay guys, I am officially the HAPPIEST and LUCKIEST girl on the whole entire world. I can't express it in words how INCREDIBLY blessed and grateful I feel right now, I just can't. Today I had one of the most important appointments which I was very nervous but totally excited for! I actually wanted to have a look and then make a decision in a week or so but I was so overwhelmed that I confirmed it right away. In 4 weeks it will happen and I can't wait to share with you what it is. It's not spectacular for you but unbelievably huge for me! :-) On SC I shared my expressions afterwards and I couldn't hide my emotions. Follow me there: @fionaschubert <3




Coat - Versace, T-Shirt - Brandy Melville, Skirt - H&M, Tights - H&M, Boots - Guess, Bag - Zara
This coat is everything!! :-) You might recognize is from many posts on Instagram for example in Paris 2013/2014, and Vienna last new year's eve :-) It is by Versace and kinda vintage. I saw it by accident in my mum's closet and I asked her why she never told me about it and she answered: I almost forgot about it because it was one of my very first expensive purchases. So this coat has a little story behind it :-) I love the oversized cut and color of it, and the buttons are just perfect! This coat or any coat in a bright color can change your whole 'allblackeverything' outfit, which you know, I love :-) The more I wear croc + croc, the more I love it! The bag and the boots together are so pretty!! Many kisses xx



My dear readers, 
it’s been 3 years now since I created this blog, my personal blog. The first weeks of blogging I had no idea where this exciting journey will bring me some day, and still today I have no clue, but I know that this blog distinguishes me. I love photography, fashion, inspirations and especially the interact with other people as you, who are reading this, and share the same interests. I could write a book about what I’ve already experienced in these 3 years. Of course, sometimes it’s hard, what is sometimes not understood, but to have pictures of special memories at the end of the day is worth the whole trouble and expense. With this GIF (which incidentally cost me time and patience haha) I wanted to say thank you and spread a million kisses and hugs to you out there! I got so many sweet and kind e-mails and comments from you guys that made my day so much better. Thank you xx


Another wonderful year filled with passion, ambition, love and happiness! I couldn't be more proud to say that I improved my blog :-) Right now everything works as perfect as I wanted it to be. I know it is a bit annoying that I change the look/layout of my blog every year, but I really want that my blog gets better and better, and that does only happen when it looks better and better :-) Therefore I’m always looking for amazing templates I can transform my blog into, and this year I found (I guess until next year haha) the perfect one. On the 2nd anniversary I remember that there were some difficulties with the archive and the categories.. but right now even the search bar is fixed!! :-) If you know the struggle with HTML and all the settings, you can feel me right now haha. I hope I will stick to this one, or maybe I will find an even more beautiful one in 1 year, but for now this is the new Fashion Keyword. I think I’ve made a milestone because I reached the 100K mark of blog visitors till the 3rd anniversary :-) Quite proud of this I have to say :-) I really would love to hear your opinions on the new layout and I am looking forward to many many more years, and of course many new readers and better quality pictures. LOVE xx F


Jacket - Gina Tricot, T-Shirt - Calvin Klein, Leather pants - H&M, Ankle boots - Humanic, Bag - Zara
Do you recognize the jacket? :-) It's the same model as the beige one I wore in another outfit I posted but in black. When I ordered the beige one I was sad because I wanted it in black, and 2 months later I saw it on their Insta profile and had to get it as well, now I have twice of the same jacket.. Anyways, I like this look! I actually thought I could have put on a bright colored lipstick for a pop of color but I guess I was into the windy/rainy mood on this day... This is one of my current favorite looks, but I am really trying to wear more color, even if it's only a little hint.. Black is just my happy color haha :-) Hope you like this look, let me know what you think! PS: Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of my blog!! <3 Stay tuned xx


Recently I gave my room a new decoration and thought you might be interested in it! :-) I did a DIY globe picture because I saw them multiple times on social media and fell in love with it! And since I am a little talented in art I thought I could make it by myself, et voilà :-) It's not that easy as I thought haha because first I forgot some isles and tiny countries but then I fixed it really quick. Another item I am crazy in love with is the globe (you see the pattern? World, travel, globe...), I found it at a decoration store called Nanu Nana and I had to get it. With the monochrome but black look it fits perfectly into my room and it's also my taste :-) Some days ago I played around with the settings of my camera and found so many things I've never used before but absolutely have to! This setting is one of them, it is time lagged, so it takes more time and creates these light effects :-) Hope you like this post xx F

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