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Recently I gave my room a new decoration and thought you might be interested in it! :-) I did a DIY globe picture because I saw them multiple times on social media and fell in love with it! And since I am a little talented in art I thought I could make it by myself, et voilà :-) It's not that easy as I thought haha because first I forgot some isles and tiny countries but then I fixed it really quick. Another item I am crazy in love with is the globe (you see the pattern? World, travel, globe...), I found it at a decoration store called Nanu Nana and I had to get it. With the monochrome but black look it fits perfectly into my room and it's also my taste :-) Some days ago I played around with the settings of my camera and found so many things I've never used before but absolutely have to! This setting is one of them, it is time lagged, so it takes more time and creates these light effects :-) Hope you like this post xx F

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