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Hi guys and happy Sunday! Sunday's are meant to be chill days after a hard Friday + Saturday! And for me this means watching series, eating unhealthy food and doing important things afterwards :-) So today I finished the series O.C. California and I have to say I loved it!! I loved it from the very beginning which is not often like that but yes, it's an amazing series. It's over 10 years old but it's still so realistic! In some parts I had to cry like a crazy emotional human but also had to laugh a lot! I watched many series over the past 2 years and still haven't finished them all yet because I'm scared of the ending but today I told myself: You have to finish it! And here I am, smiling over the end. I gotta say that the end was the best! In Prison Break for example I cried like hell at the end because I wouldn't have expected an ending like this but in O.C. I smiled :-) So I highly recommend this series to you guys! But now I really have to study and to homework! Have a lovely week tomorrow <3

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