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My dear readers, 
it’s been 3 years now since I created this blog, my personal blog. The first weeks of blogging I had no idea where this exciting journey will bring me some day, and still today I have no clue, but I know that this blog distinguishes me. I love photography, fashion, inspirations and especially the interact with other people as you, who are reading this, and share the same interests. I could write a book about what I’ve already experienced in these 3 years. Of course, sometimes it’s hard, what is sometimes not understood, but to have pictures of special memories at the end of the day is worth the whole trouble and expense. With this GIF (which incidentally cost me time and patience haha) I wanted to say thank you and spread a million kisses and hugs to you out there! I got so many sweet and kind e-mails and comments from you guys that made my day so much better. Thank you xx

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