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Back from the USA! As you know my dad is doing to the US several times a year and this is the perfect occasion to buy some things I can't get in Germany or even Europe! :-) Despite of some very special shoes I'm going to show you in a separate post, these are the things I got! :-) I wanted a original american Nicholas Sparks novel because I think it's something different to read a book in the actual language and also to have it from the country it was written in, in my opinion! I almost read all of the Nicholas Sparks book because they are simply the best. I tried some other authors but if you know a great author you will stick to this one no matter what haha! :-) Every time I read a new book from another author I compared it with the ones from NS and always felt like there was something missing. Sometimes I can identify with the books from NS and I love love love his style of writing. The style captivates you and you don't want to stop reading. In some parts it is so exciting that you want to stop reading because you don't wanna know what happens next. I really recommend his books to you, for real!! And no book session is complete without a great bar of chocolate. I really wanted to try this Hershey's chocolate because so many people were talking about it. I know it's not necessarily the best because I also know swiss chocolate but I just wanted to try and compare :-) Now I am going to read and eat chocolate. Have a lovely evening guys xx

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