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Sneak peek of an upcoming post! :-) I don't know why but I am super proud of this bunch of pictures! It was kind of a hurdle to build the whole set with background and chair and tripod and stuff but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the results! It is something very different with curls in my opinion, especially when you have straight hair like.. always! It was so much fun to edit all of them and don't be surprised, but I also edited the frames a bit different this time.. Hope you like it anyways! :-) Hugs and kisses xx



Happy Easter guys! I hope you spent a lovely weekend with your loved ones and ate lots and lots of chocolate :-) As you know I spent mine in Luxembourg, but most of the time I was in my bed because I was sick :-( I don't know where it came from but I was sneezing all the time and had a bad headache. I drank a lot of tea so it got better and better and now I am on the best way to feel like a normal person again. I hope I can shoot as many posts as possible in the last few days of holidays because afterwards I will be busy 24/7. Wish me luck for the last 7 weeks of madness!! LOVE



Friday! The first week of holidays is almost over :-( But one more to go! I'll make the best out of it. So today I helped my sister moving. It was kind of a different thing then the last time she moved, because this time she took all of her stuff with her :-( So she's not living here anymore, and that's a really strange feeling because we lived together for 18 years now.. I will see her a lot fortunately, but I know she's not in the room next to mine if I need something :-( But we have phones and what's app and face time!! She's still around me and that's a good feeling :-) Tomorrow morning my mum and I are off to Luxembourg for a quick visit with my cousin which I am very excited about!! Will bring my camera with me of course! Now I'm getting ready to jump in my car and get some sushi. I'm craving sushi!! Lots of maki haha :-) Have a great Friday night folks <3 



Kenza Zouiten, my woman crush everyday, of
This woman is seriously the reason why I blog and why I love photography and fashion! DAMN! I read her blog every single day, no matter what. It's even a morning routine for me to read her blog before I go to school. There are also days where I think: Why is this woman so incredibly perfect? There's NOTHING you can say against it haha! These pictures are from her latest post and it inspired me like crazy. I mean, all black everything was always my thing, but in combination with this hat and the golden hardware, it looks so complete. Just a little statement to this Thursday evening haha, sorry guys! And if you came across her just now, which is a surprise for me, then have a look on her blog, it's the best I know for lifestyle and more xx 


Lipliner: Mineral Lip Styler in 48 Mineral Black Cherry Queen, Lipstick: Artdeco Perfect Color Lipstick in 25A Mystical Heart

This was my make up look today, except for the lipstick, which I put on just for these pics haha. I found this lip combo in my sister's closet, a lip pencil + a matching lipstick. They are not exactly the same color but they look perfect together! :-) I didn't cut my hair, but sometimes I like this short-looking hair-do, where you only have to put your hair under your shirt and then you have the short hair look! For me this would be an evening look, and I think I'm going out now for a drink, maybe with my mum? It's Tuesday night, but I am in the mood to do something fun :P LOVE



Jeans - Zara, Side sliced t-shirt - Brandy Melville, Jumper - Vintage, Socks - H&M (just kidding :-P)

What's better than moments on the couch and watching TV? Maybe food? :-) Sorry for my absence the last weeks weeks.. :-( It's been so stressful and most of the time I wasn't motivated to take pictures in the rain.. But here you have some new ones! I take so many pictures during the day but don't upload them because I don't think they are worth to be seen and therefore I wasn't very active on Instagram either :-( I don't know what's another reason than no motivation, but I hope it will go away as soon as it came! So much love!


My very own car.. I can't stop smiling! I’ve never been so happy in my life, it’s insane. 2016 has been the best year so far, I am beyond blessed and grateful. At the end of 2015, I had a perfect 18th birthday, in summer I’ll be graduating from high school, after that I’ll make plans for college/university and spending months traveling and exploring. And now this!! It’s crazy!! 4 weeks ago I wrote about how excited I was on this particular evening, when I got the confirmation for my first own car. It’s such a big step in my opinion, because it makes me somehow more independent. My mama has already fears that I will be on the road every single day. I am beyond thankful that my parents can offer me this. I cannot express in words how much I appreciate this, it’s just amazing. I will treat this car like my baby and fill take care of it. It is way more beautiful than I expected! Simply madness! If my parents should read this, many many thanks again, I'm gonna give my best for my finals haha xx LOVE PS: For those who wants to know the exact name: Mini Cooper S in Dark Grey <3



Trends! I think I'm going to do this more frequently because I think it helps so much! Actually if you know the trends you can better choose your outfit in the morning in my opinion! :-) So here we go: All over my Instagram feed is the color green/khaki! It is so hyped that all the biggest brands made all their styles at least in the color green. I have to admit that I like this trend too.. Just because I caught myself wearing it more and more with all black outfits, I just gives a nice touch of color! I don't own a khaki bomber jacket because this trend is going a little bit too far and everyone has one in their closet, but for all the other items I am totally fine with :-) And combined with a chic beige/nude color it looks to fab! Here's a little collage. Love xx



Hi everyone :-) Today was a very productive day, despite lower abdominal pain (girls, you know what I mean and what I'm talking about....). I've done everything that has accumulated during the week. I also prepared two more posts which will be up next week (since I have hardly or no time at all atm). And if the weather would have been better I could have done an outfit post as well but no, it was raining cats and dogs! But at least here you have today's makeup :-) Simple but elegant! I am currently totally in love with browns on the lips. My mum has SO many insane lip liner shades of brown (men would say they are all the same, but NO!). The lip liner I am wearing in the pictures is a liner of Bobbi Brown, with the name Clay. Unfortunately unfortunately, this one is no longer in their assortment, what I personally find a pity :( But I'll soon be at a Bobbi Brown counter so I will check out if there's a similar one because I fell in love with this one and the texture :-) Love!



You might have seen them a hundred times, but I wanted to show them to you here as well! My dad recently came back from his business trip to America. I asked him if he could buy the Nike Air Force 1 07 in Dark Loden because they are not available in Germany for any reason. The main problem was that they were limited edition and hard to get, but friends of my dad were the best and found them in an web shop! :-) These shoes caught my eyes for a long time because I saw them once and never forgot about them ever since.. And now they are in my shoe closet! They are simply beautiful. I don't own any shoe in this particular color which made me sad because I love this khaki/dark green! If you know me I am always the kind of person who wears an #allblackeverything outfit with a color pop, and these shoes are definitely an eye catcher! Or imagine it with a simple black dress and a black leather jacket in summer?? I can't!! The green suede is looking so delicate and chic but still sporty at the same time, and that's what I LOVE! It's currently still raining like hell in Germany but I wanted to impregnate them anyways to make sure won't get dirty and stay how they are - perfect!! Love xx

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