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Hi everyone :-) Today was a very productive day, despite lower abdominal pain (girls, you know what I mean and what I'm talking about....). I've done everything that has accumulated during the week. I also prepared two more posts which will be up next week (since I have hardly or no time at all atm). And if the weather would have been better I could have done an outfit post as well but no, it was raining cats and dogs! But at least here you have today's makeup :-) Simple but elegant! I am currently totally in love with browns on the lips. My mum has SO many insane lip liner shades of brown (men would say they are all the same, but NO!). The lip liner I am wearing in the pictures is a liner of Bobbi Brown, with the name Clay. Unfortunately unfortunately, this one is no longer in their assortment, what I personally find a pity :( But I'll soon be at a Bobbi Brown counter so I will check out if there's a similar one because I fell in love with this one and the texture :-) Love!

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