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Friday! The first week of holidays is almost over :-( But one more to go! I'll make the best out of it. So today I helped my sister moving. It was kind of a different thing then the last time she moved, because this time she took all of her stuff with her :-( So she's not living here anymore, and that's a really strange feeling because we lived together for 18 years now.. I will see her a lot fortunately, but I know she's not in the room next to mine if I need something :-( But we have phones and what's app and face time!! She's still around me and that's a good feeling :-) Tomorrow morning my mum and I are off to Luxembourg for a quick visit with my cousin which I am very excited about!! Will bring my camera with me of course! Now I'm getting ready to jump in my car and get some sushi. I'm craving sushi!! Lots of maki haha :-) Have a great Friday night folks <3 

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