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My very own car.. I can't stop smiling! I’ve never been so happy in my life, it’s insane. 2016 has been the best year so far, I am beyond blessed and grateful. At the end of 2015, I had a perfect 18th birthday, in summer I’ll be graduating from high school, after that I’ll make plans for college/university and spending months traveling and exploring. And now this!! It’s crazy!! 4 weeks ago I wrote about how excited I was on this particular evening, when I got the confirmation for my first own car. It’s such a big step in my opinion, because it makes me somehow more independent. My mama has already fears that I will be on the road every single day. I am beyond thankful that my parents can offer me this. I cannot express in words how much I appreciate this, it’s just amazing. I will treat this car like my baby and fill take care of it. It is way more beautiful than I expected! Simply madness! If my parents should read this, many many thanks again, I'm gonna give my best for my finals haha xx LOVE PS: For those who wants to know the exact name: Mini Cooper S in Dark Grey <3

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