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You might have seen them a hundred times, but I wanted to show them to you here as well! My dad recently came back from his business trip to America. I asked him if he could buy the Nike Air Force 1 07 in Dark Loden because they are not available in Germany for any reason. The main problem was that they were limited edition and hard to get, but friends of my dad were the best and found them in an web shop! :-) These shoes caught my eyes for a long time because I saw them once and never forgot about them ever since.. And now they are in my shoe closet! They are simply beautiful. I don't own any shoe in this particular color which made me sad because I love this khaki/dark green! If you know me I am always the kind of person who wears an #allblackeverything outfit with a color pop, and these shoes are definitely an eye catcher! Or imagine it with a simple black dress and a black leather jacket in summer?? I can't!! The green suede is looking so delicate and chic but still sporty at the same time, and that's what I LOVE! It's currently still raining like hell in Germany but I wanted to impregnate them anyways to make sure won't get dirty and stay how they are - perfect!! Love xx


  1. Hey, do you know from what web shop he bought them?
    I really love them and i've been looking for them for months.

    1. Yes, it was, the american version of footlocker! Hugs!


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