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I have no idea why I am always shooting in front of a wall.. I guess it's simply because I like walls and the easy way to achieve good photos.. :-) This was a kind of spontaneous shoot and therefore I am not as prepared as usual. Hope you like them anyways xx


Here you have the second part of this little series of gold and curls posts! :-) I LOVE these pictures, you have no idea haha. I think I did a pretty good job this time with editing, cutting, pushing the self-timer and doing my own hair and make-up.. :-) Sometimes you have to be proud of yourself and feel confident! I might even print them in big size for my room.. Okay, done with self-praise haha. Hope you like them and tell me what you think in the comment box! :-) Kisses and hugs!


Hey babes!! :-) I hope you're all doing well! Today's day started very bad for me, with headache af and dizziness as soon as I moved myself.. But I went to school instead, which was a bad decision bc it got worse and worse. So I decided to go home for a nap and to calm myself down. I can't say it too often: Sleep is the key to everything! After I woke up again after some hours I felt like a newly born human! Afterwards my energy reserves were fully charged again so I had to go for a run - yes I motivated myself! :-) Kinda proud haha. Now I am watching Cold Case (which is my fav series of the moment, so exciting!!), with some healthy food. Fresh raspberry milk shake and banana yoghurt! Summer is coming soon girls <3 xx



Vans SK8-Hi Slim Zip Black HERE
Adidas Superstar Adicolor Sunglow HERE
Reebok X Face Stockholm Classic Leather Spirit Pastell Pink HERE
Shoes, shoes, shoes, as far as the eye can reach! today I (once again) flipped out at the shoe store and bought 3 pair of new fresh sneakers! I mean, is there a better feeling than buying new shoes (except food, that's a different thing!)? If you have any questions about size, material, etc., ask them in the comments below! I added LINKS beneath the pictures so you can find them easily! :-) I'm so in love and can not wait to wear them for the first time! LOVE 


 Heard about the new digital fashion house Ivyrevel? See the full collection on their website #ivyrevel #revelista 

I mean, just look at these items - I am dying!! Today's the new launch of Ivyrevel, the brand founded by Kenza Zouiten, which you know, is my favorite fashion influencer on earth! So I am more than proud and happy to introduce you the new Ivyrevel itself! The items are amazing quality such as silk and leather and all of the clothes are still wearable although they have lots of golden details! With colors that are vibrant and super-saturated to make a big color pop statement, golden jewelry you'll die for and gold-embroidered skirts and leather jackets! Me, personally, am totally obsessed with the new cuts and colors and materials. So if you wanna find out more about the new collection, please head over to their website and tell me and them what you think. xx #ivyrevel #revelista



Here you have a Monday inspo post! :-) I love getting and being inspired, 'cause I am way more motivated if I know what I want to do or how. It helps you so much finding the perfect angle to take pictures or how to bring your body in the position you want it to be! Hope you like this post too - have a nice week <3 Find more on my Tumblr: xx


Hello and welcome to a new series of pictures haha! No just kidding, but really guys, there were SO many good pictures on the shortlist.. so I decided to split them up in two posts :-) These pictures are kind of inspired by the movie "The Great Gatsby". I know I am a bit late this time, but I saw a gorgeous picture on Tumblr and had to do a similar one, tadaaa :-) This is what I came up with! The golden background is kinda flashing but I think it harmonies pretty well with the make up and my outfit.. Tell me what you think in the comment box :-) HUGS!

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