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 Heard about the new digital fashion house Ivyrevel? See the full collection on their website #ivyrevel #revelista 

I mean, just look at these items - I am dying!! Today's the new launch of Ivyrevel, the brand founded by Kenza Zouiten, which you know, is my favorite fashion influencer on earth! So I am more than proud and happy to introduce you the new Ivyrevel itself! The items are amazing quality such as silk and leather and all of the clothes are still wearable although they have lots of golden details! With colors that are vibrant and super-saturated to make a big color pop statement, golden jewelry you'll die for and gold-embroidered skirts and leather jackets! Me, personally, am totally obsessed with the new cuts and colors and materials. So if you wanna find out more about the new collection, please head over to their website and tell me and them what you think. xx #ivyrevel #revelista

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