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Oh gosh, I am in desperate need of new shoes! Just look at them all!! *cry* The second in the first row are to die for!! I love the color and the lace-up style and I think they would be super comfy to walk in! You might have already noticed it but here again: Only one of them are BLACK! I couldn't believe it when I was done with picking them out haha, actually a few months back I would have chosen only black shoes haha! I think colored bags or shoes give such a fresh touch! :-) Just click to link below to get the brand and price information about the shoe! :-) LOVE xx


Click HERE to see all the info about them! 


Bomber - Topshop HERE, T-Shirt - H&M Divided, Leggings - Pimkie, Sneakers - Nike 
Here I am again! :-) I love these pictures, bc I recently discovered a "new" editing app for Mac OS and am absolutely obsessed! I wonder why I've never heard about it because it is magical! The leaves behind me on the tree were GREEN, literally frog green, and now they are a bit yellow-ish which fits perfect into the picture! The app is called "Polarr" and it's ten times better than Photoshop/Lightroom in case you can't deal with all their settings and knowledge! And I borrowed this amazing shiny rust colored bomber jacket from my bestie, she found it at Topshop and I'm still thinking rather I should buy my own one or not.. But the bomber jacket hype is going crazy right now so maybe I just wait for another trend to start! Hope you like these pictures, let me know what you think xx


LITTLE BLACK BOOK by Sofie Valkiers

As you know I am a big fan of all the bloggers out there and appreciative person of their work! And you also know I have certain blogs I read every day! Three of them came out with a book which I think is an amazing idea and no matter if there's always similar content, they are different to me! :-) I couldn't get my hands on two of them, which makes me kinda sad. One of them was "The Blonde Salad" by Chiara Ferragni, which is the goddess of bloggers, but the book is a. always sold out and b. in Italian which I don't speak fluently :-( and the second was "On the go" by Kristina Bazan of Kayture, which is also one of my favorite bloggers. Her book was also sold out everywhere. Kenza didn't not write a book yet but I hope this will happen any time soon :-) But now, to come to the point: Another blogger, which I am following quite a time now, came out with a book called "Little Black Book" and is by Sofie Valkiers. I love her attitude and her coolness in her looks. In this book she explains what fashion means to her and gives some tips on how to react on bad mood days and travel situations, which are very funny but helpful :-) And another thing which is very important to me: The book is set up SO nice, the look, style, pages, everything is so well thought through :-) So if you are interested in fashion and the world of bloggers, then I really recommend you to buy this book because you will love it :-) It's a great investment and also makes a nice decor element in your room. Enough said, buy it HERE. LOVE xx



Okay guys, it's getting serious now! Exactly 14 days (two weeks) until I have my very first important exam! I just can't get it how fast this school year went by! And to not know what I am going to do afterwards makes me crazy, but one thing I know for sure is that the first few months will be AWESOME! :-) As I recently said: I will do lots of thing I love! Traveling, taking pictures, designing and sewing by my own, read books and get to know new people :-) So excited for all these amazing things! I simply can't wait to receive my diploma so I know I am FREE of school and studying for a little while, knowing that if I am sitting in my bed on Sunday evening and don't have to go to school the next morning is amazing. But for now I have to work on it so I actually get my diploma haha :-) I hope you understand my current situation and this little 'break' of blogging, because afterwards you will get SO MANY NEW AMAZING POSTS WITH LOTS OF AMAZING CONTENT! (okay enough "amazings" for today haha). No, but for real guys, I can't wait to go out there and photograph the world and make new impressions! Lots of love xx

Sneak peek of an upcoming post! :-)


Jacket - Levi's Vintage, T-Shirt - H&M, Leggings - Pimkie, Cap - H&M, Shoes - Vans 
I mean.. do I have to say anything about this jacket? It's just a DREAM. I found this beauty at a local vintage store for 12€ (!!!!!!) and thought I'd die! It is from the 80s and called 'Sherpa Jacket' because of the wool collar :-) I always think there's a long story behind such a statement piece and I am a very lucky second owner (or maybe fourth owner? Who knows..) :-) If you have any suggestions on where to find AMAZING vintage pieces, please let me know in the comment section. I will travel a lot after my A Grades so I definitely wanna check out more :-) LOVE xx




Hi guys! Today I found some very cool jackets on Polyvore, which is one of my favorite inspiration websites for clothing and outfits :-) There are some very cool accounts who create multiple outfits a week and that's where I get my daily inspo for my outfits from! So here you have some amazing jackets that I adore! You simply have to click on this link HERE, so you see where they are from, how much they cost etc! So BOMB. The jacket on the bottom right is to DIE for! But it's Gucci so not affordable at all, but it's beautiful! Enjoy this sunny holiday <3 xx


Hi guys and happy Sunday! :-) Now I'm really feeling like something's changing soon. Something big! Today in exactly 1 month I'll be sitting in the atrium writing the last exams of my life - my a grades. It feels so weird to think about it because you spent the last 12 years working for this moment to happen and now it's finally here. I don't want to think about it too much though considering my future and dreams. I want to achieve something in my life, but the path is there is long and hard. The moments of thinking are getting so real because I know it'll be all over soon, but I'm also happy to do what I love most: Travel and exploring cities and doing something with fashion! Tomorrow I have one big exam that is separated from all the other because it's "less" important, but still counts. So I gotta study now... Love xx

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