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Hi guys and happy Sunday! :-) Now I'm really feeling like something's changing soon. Something big! Today in exactly 1 month I'll be sitting in the atrium writing the last exams of my life - my a grades. It feels so weird to think about it because you spent the last 12 years working for this moment to happen and now it's finally here. I don't want to think about it too much though considering my future and dreams. I want to achieve something in my life, but the path is there is long and hard. The moments of thinking are getting so real because I know it'll be all over soon, but I'm also happy to do what I love most: Travel and exploring cities and doing something with fashion! Tomorrow I have one big exam that is separated from all the other because it's "less" important, but still counts. So I gotta study now... Love xx

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  1. I have my last, most important exams in exactly 1 month, and I've just been lounging around for the past few hours doing nothing (I should be studying). Somehow I ended up here, and after reading this post, it made me realise that I should just keep on working hard till the end, we're all nearly there, & that I shouldn't give up. Thank you for this post ^.^


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