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For those of you who graduate this year, prom is coming closer and closer and some people (including me) are in desperate need of the perfect dress! That's why I put together this collection of prom dresses :-) Some might be a little pricey but you only graduate from high school once right? :-) So here you have an inspiration of dresses I like a lot, you can choose which style of dress you like best and get inspired by colors and cuts :-) Me, personally, like the off-white on the right corner a lot and also the blue long one with one strap on the shoulder :-) Hope that helped you a bit making a decision on your dress for your special day. As usual you find all the necessary information by clicking the link HERE. LOVE and HUGS!


So, my graduation is coming closer and closer and it kinda feels like the end of the world haha.. No, just kidding, but I have no idea what the future is going to look like, where I am going to live, what I am going to study etc.. It's a bit depressing as well haha. But for now I am focusing on my plans in summer + autumn, since I don't intend to start going to college directly after my graduation.. I don't know if I already talked about this but I want to go everywhere pretty much! Since many good friends of mine have asked me if I would like to go to their families in other countries, I have many trips planned already but not booked yet. We have to compare prices and see if everything fits into the calendar and stuff.. But apart from that I am so excited for the 3rd July when everything is OVER! Love and hugs!
When boarding to Vienna for NYE 2015/2016



Is the denim trend going too far? I don't think so! I love blue so it's obviously that I love denim as well! I think you can wear it with everything and it never gets old in a certain way. Denim is always a good idea! :-) Shop HERE the items from above and tell me which piece is your favorite! I love the sneakers with bunny ears, they look so cute. And will the dungaree hype come back this year again? I hope so :-) My two fav pieces are the off-shoulder dress and the Levi's 501 shorts (they are just a statement piece in my opinion!). LOVE xx


Yes, you're reading right! It's insane, unbelievable, crazy but AMAZING! This has been my dream for ages and now it's getting real. I guess I'll believe it when I am there, but for now it's still a dream. That's what I was talking about in my last post.. The big thing that is happening soon! My parents knew that this was my dream ever since I was 11 years old.. So when I was 16, I talked to my uncle about NYC and how much I wanted to visit it, since he was already there and knew how cool it was. One minute later my dad took a pen and a piece of paper and wrote down that we're going to New York after my final exams. And that's where I am in 3 weeks, when I will receive my graduation certificate. The flights and hotel are booked and I am dying of happiness. Can't wait! :-) LOVE AND HUGS

World Trade Center by @pictures_of_newyork


NEW MAKE UP LOOK! And this time it's not mine actually! :-) I went to a good friend of mine who loves make up as much as I do. She showed me her AMAZING make up collection and what she got lately. I got so into it that I decided, that she should do my make up for the day :-) Not only because she loves it to do make up on others but also because I wanted to know what she thought looked pretty on me :-) She used SO many products I heard a lot of but never tried before. One of the main products was the Kylie Lip kit in the color "Dolce K". It's such a stunning color and I really wanted to know what's so special about it and if it's worth buying or not. So I had it on for quite a while and I LOVED it. It's purely matte, amazing coverage, you only need the tiniest amount of product and it stays on for a really long time. Of course, after I ate pizza it didn't stay but that's the thing with oily food. I will list all the other products we used below and where you can find each product online :-) LOVE AND KISSES!

Mac Prep+Prime BB cream in "Light Plus" (HERE)
Mac Loose Powder in "Light Plus" (HERE)
Douglas Make-Up Mousse in "Praline Mousse" (HERE)
Mac Blush in "Harmony" for contouring (HERE)
Mac Blush in "Desert Rose" for rouge (HERE)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in "Gleam" (HERE)

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette in "Salted Caramel" (HERE)
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette in "Puddin" and "Cocoa Chilli" (HERE)
Mac Pigment in "Tan" (HERE)
Essence Lash Princess Mascara (HERE)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo in "Medium Brown" (HERE)

Kylie Lip kit in "Dolce K" (HERE)


I thought I should reward myself for hard work and lots of study hours, so I went to MAC! I only bought two things because I wanted to save up for something special I am going to tell you this weekend! So so so so so so EXCITED! It still feels like a dream :-) But more this weekend! I ended up buying two long wished products I heard a lot of! :-) See the description beneath the pictures. HUGS xx

I got one Cream Colour Base and a Powder Blush which I'll be using as a contouring powder :-)
I'll be using the cream as a base for my powder highlighter (Soft&Gentle), so that the highlighter itself pops more on the cheeks :-) As already said I'll be using the blush as a contouring powder, as I actually wanted to purchase the bronzer n.1 "Give me sun", but this one was too orange-y for my pale and fair skin tone! :-) 
The colors I got are called: Harmony (blush), a very ashy taupy kind of color; and Hush (cream base) the perfect base for Soft&Gentle on top :-)

Here you see them both :-) The blush/contouring powder on the right seems more brown, but is a true taupe color in reality! The cream base is the perfect champagne color for highlighting the highest points of your cheeks. LOVE

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