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I thought I should reward myself for hard work and lots of study hours, so I went to MAC! I only bought two things because I wanted to save up for something special I am going to tell you this weekend! So so so so so so EXCITED! It still feels like a dream :-) But more this weekend! I ended up buying two long wished products I heard a lot of! :-) See the description beneath the pictures. HUGS xx

I got one Cream Colour Base and a Powder Blush which I'll be using as a contouring powder :-)
I'll be using the cream as a base for my powder highlighter (Soft&Gentle), so that the highlighter itself pops more on the cheeks :-) As already said I'll be using the blush as a contouring powder, as I actually wanted to purchase the bronzer n.1 "Give me sun", but this one was too orange-y for my pale and fair skin tone! :-) 
The colors I got are called: Harmony (blush), a very ashy taupy kind of color; and Hush (cream base) the perfect base for Soft&Gentle on top :-)

Here you see them both :-) The blush/contouring powder on the right seems more brown, but is a true taupe color in reality! The cream base is the perfect champagne color for highlighting the highest points of your cheeks. LOVE

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