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I mean.. How pretty can a woman be? I recently watched a movie where Kate Bosworth was one of the main characters and I noticed how gorgeous she was! And I got really inspired by her attitude (it's only a movie I know), but then I went through some of her magazine campaigns and now she became an inspiration for me! I am really motivated to do the same shoots because they are SO beautiful.. Natural make up, coziness in bed, orange lipstick with fur, red lipstick with a tie.. Ahhhh! Can't wait <3 Lots of love.  (All pictures via Google Images)



Oh orange! I'm currently on an orange trip and I have no idea why. Maybe it all started when I bought an orange nail polish the other day... I am currently in such an orangey mood, I need everything in this color. I am wearing orange nail polish, lipstick and clothing, even though I have never worn it before. As you may already know I don't really like yellow on myself because it's just the worst color for my skin tone, but orange is a mix of red and yellow and I love this color. So here you have a little collection of different objects and items in this color :-) I really want (don't need haha) the chair in the first row, it's such a beautiful pop of color in a monotoned room in my opinion. As always, click the link HERE to receive all the necessary information about each product <3 


Dress & Bag - Zara, Lace bralette - H&M, Shoes - Pull & Bear, Sunglasses - Dior Reflected
Long time no outfit! But here you have one again :-) This was kind of a spontaneous shoot so don't be too harsh with me.. It was like 36°C today so it was hot as hell. But I thought why not taking pictures since I have my SLR with me! We also took some great shots with the iPhone so these are up on my Instagram @fionaschubert! Hope you like them, tell me what you think xx


It's not all about the stripes in today's post but a bit! This is what I looked like yesterday :-) There will be an outfit post coming soon but now the make up look. I know you can't see much of it because it's b/w but it's actually my go-to look so it's not a big thing, you can just click on the categories and choose "Make Up" so you will get all the make up looks I created, including this one right here. The striped shirt is actually a real shirt, I just put it on the wrong way round. Fashion is so versatile and you can do whatever you want. So I just buttoned up the back (only two buttons) and then I had kind of an "open" back and I loved it! You can fold in the collar and it looks like a whole new shirt :-) Only my sister asked if I put it on upside down so I guess I did a pretty good job :-) So much love!



Ohh how pretty are these dresses? I want them all! Seriously, my key item this summer is an off shoulder dress. You can wear them with sneakers but also high heels, for night outs but also for brunch, they go for very occasion! Here I picked out my top 11 favorites from Polyvore. They are mixed prices, but the majority are cheap ones :-) I think I will make some of them myself since I love sewing and creating something with my own hands! If you are interested in a tutorial please write below :-) For further information click HERE. Love xx


My sister graduated three years ago, my brother one year ago and I 1 week ago. It's kind of a tradition to have a private family dinner together to celebrate our graduation. And yesterday was the last one (at least after school haha). There's an amazing restaurant which we also went for my sister's and my brother's graduation so for me it was clear that I wanted to go there too.  They have the best food ever and I always love going there! The weather was perfect and I guess the light was the best (if we are talking about photographs..) :-)! Here you can also see some close ups of my dress. Lots of love xx

Up close of my dress <3
First plate
Second plate
Refreshing drinks are the best! 
Third plate
Sunshine and warmth! 
The front of the restaurant! 
With my brother!


Hello my loves! As you might have seen on Instagram (@fionaschubert) I was in Hamburg for two days! It was kind of a spontaneous trip together with my dad since he had to go there anyway. I have never been to Hamburg so I was so excited to finally see one of Germany's biggest cities (and also known for its beauty). Unfortunately the weather was bad, first the sun was shining, then it was raining. Kind of a stop and go mood.. But I enjoyed Hamburg nevertheless. Here you have some of my impressions of this city, but I couldn't experience everything because it was less than 13 hours in total to explore.. I didn't go to typical locations when you visit Hamburg but I did some shopping and sipped some coffee and took photographs :-) But I will definitely go back and visit everything! Enjoy xx

On route to Hamburg <3
Incredible bridges through the city! 

Incredible Céline bags at Petra Teufel Store :-) 

Cute little car! <3 
This architecture is seriously the most beautiful ever! 
The famous fountain in the middle of the river!


Hey girls! As promised here some pictures of my graduation day/prom! I know there are not many but it was a private day with my family and best friends, so I hope you understand <3 And in case you're wondering: The white dress is from the brand "Mascara" and the black one from "Promulias" :-) LOVE

With my incredible siblings <3

Brother <3
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