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Hello my loves! As you might have seen on Instagram (@fionaschubert) I was in Hamburg for two days! It was kind of a spontaneous trip together with my dad since he had to go there anyway. I have never been to Hamburg so I was so excited to finally see one of Germany's biggest cities (and also known for its beauty). Unfortunately the weather was bad, first the sun was shining, then it was raining. Kind of a stop and go mood.. But I enjoyed Hamburg nevertheless. Here you have some of my impressions of this city, but I couldn't experience everything because it was less than 13 hours in total to explore.. I didn't go to typical locations when you visit Hamburg but I did some shopping and sipped some coffee and took photographs :-) But I will definitely go back and visit everything! Enjoy xx

On route to Hamburg <3
Incredible bridges through the city! 

Incredible Céline bags at Petra Teufel Store :-) 

Cute little car! <3 
This architecture is seriously the most beautiful ever! 
The famous fountain in the middle of the river!

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