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It's not all about the stripes in today's post but a bit! This is what I looked like yesterday :-) There will be an outfit post coming soon but now the make up look. I know you can't see much of it because it's b/w but it's actually my go-to look so it's not a big thing, you can just click on the categories and choose "Make Up" so you will get all the make up looks I created, including this one right here. The striped shirt is actually a real shirt, I just put it on the wrong way round. Fashion is so versatile and you can do whatever you want. So I just buttoned up the back (only two buttons) and then I had kind of an "open" back and I loved it! You can fold in the collar and it looks like a whole new shirt :-) Only my sister asked if I put it on upside down so I guess I did a pretty good job :-) So much love!

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