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Amsterdam city! On day three and four we explored the city. Luckily we had amazing weather so we could get some tan while drinking coffee. We actually planned on going on a pedal boat but there were too many people so we went to another calm place instead. We also had a look at the Anne Frank museum, which is there called "Anne Frank Huis". Since I learned it in school I knew what happened to her or what happened during the time of the Holocaust and National socialism. Her history is so sad but yet inspiring because she just wrote down what happened in her diary. Unfortunately there was such a long queue and we forgot to book tickets online so there was a crazy long line in front of it so we did something else. Next time I will book tickets online! Walking through Amsterdam was amazing, seeing all the canals and boats and bicycles driving around. Typical dutch/amsterdam pattern :-) I also went shopping so I'll post that in another article. Hope you like the pictures! Love xx

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